The winner of an qualification elimination draw and every entry of a qualification round robin can be forwarded automatically to the next draw. For example you have 8 qualification draws and the winner of every draw will compete in a final elimination draw. In this How to we will show you how to manually at links between the draws. 

  1. Go in the main menu to Draw > Add Draw.

    Select Round Robin from the dropdown menu and click on Next:

    Set the size of the Round Robin and give it a clear name. For example Qualification A. And make sure that all qualification draws have the same Stage

  2. Do exactly the same fore the second Round Robin:

  3. Both qualification round robins have been added. We can continue by adding the Final
    elimination draw. Draw >Add Draw. Select Elimination from the drop down menu and click on Next.  

    It is very important that the final draw has a different Stage. Click on Next.

  4. Time to create links between the qualification Round Robins and the Elimination draw. Go the draw section and select the Elimination draw: 

    Double click on the first position in the draw to open the Select Enry window: ​

    Click on the Links tab and select the Qualification link from the list. 

    Click on OK and repeat the steps for the second link. 

    The winners of the Qualification A and B will automatically forwarded to the elimination draw: