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Was ist neu?

  • Neu!


    Keep track of what your favorite players and friends are doing. See the timeline on your own dashboard.

  • Neu!


    Easily and quickly see your and your club's leagues. View standings, teams, planned and played matches.

  • Neu!

    Head to Head

    View the new Head to Head through a player profile and put together opponents and partners, to know where your opportunities are!

  • Neu!


    Each player has its own profile. At this profile you can find player strength, results, rankings and more.

  • Neu!

    Online entry

    You can now enter tournaments online easily. At home on the couch, on the go or at the club. Now optimized for your mobile phone or tablet.

  • Neu!

    Optimized search engine

    Easily and quickly find your tournaments, leagues, players and clubs. Or use our new search filters.