There are two ways you can make the draws. Automatically and Manually. In this how to we will show you both ways. 

  1. Automatically - Draw wizard
    If you want draw automatically click on Draw -> Make Draws 

    On the left you see a list with all the events. Click an event and select a stage to see the available draw sheets.
    Select the event and stage you want to draw and click Next.

    You can exclude an entry by unticking the box. Click on Next to conintue. 

    Select what kind of seperation you want between the entries. For example do you want to seperate them based on their club, country etc.. You can also choose what kind of Optimization you want.  With Optimal seperation, 4 players of the same club will be in 4 different quaters of the draw. With Seperate first round only, the players from the same club will not play each other in the first round. 

    Please verify the result. Click Finish to accept and save the changes. If you are not happy with the result you can click Re-make Draw.

  2. Draw manually

    Click with the right mouse button on an empty position and Select Entry from the menu. 

    Select an entry from the list and click OK to place the entry in the draw.