1. You can create a new tournament by using Tournament > New...

    Give the Tournament a name and click "Save".
  2. The next step is to enter the tournament properties.

  3. Before you can publish you need to make sure you got most important information in your Tournament Properties.
  4. At Info you need to enter:
    - Tournament Name;
    - Tournament Organizer;
    - Organizer Phone;
    - Organizer E-mail.

  5. At Address you need to enter:
    - Venue name;
    - Address 1;
    - Postal code;
    - City;
    - State;
    - Country.

  6. At Events you need to enter the events which are going to played.
    If you don't add a Fee then players don't have to pay when using Online Entry.

  7. At Days you need to enter the the days players will have their matches. When using the Online Entry players can now give their schedule for each day.