1. Organizing your entries
    In the Roster view on the Entries tab you find a list with all the players participating in the event. The entries can be subdivided in different groups: 

    Main Draw tab
    By default all entries will be listed in the Main Draw.
    Reserve List tab
    The reserve players can be moved to the Reserve List. 
    Exclude List tab
    The players you exclude by hand can be moved to the Exclude List.

    Qualifying tab
    Players who are not automatically seeded for the main draw can still qualify by participating in the qualification draw.
    Lucky Losers tab
    When a player in the main draw does not show or is injured a lucky loser from the qualify draw will advance through to the main draw. 

    To keep your entries organized you can move or copy them to other lists. To do this you click with the right mouse button on an entry and select Move to > Qualifying List 
  2. Manual seeding.
    Click with the right mouse button on an entry and select Properties from the menu. 

    You can fill in a separate seeding for Main Draw and Qualifying Draw. For example 1, 3/4, or 5/8. 

    For the main draw and qualifying draw you can set a separate status. For example for the main draw Promoted from qualifying and for the Qualifying draw Promoted to main draw.

  3. Automatic Seeding
    Click with the right mouse button on a player and select Automatic Seeding from the menu: 

    You can set the Order to RankingRating or Points the entries on rating or ranking. Use one of the buttons 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 to seed that number of entries. Click on 0 to remove all seeds.