1. If you have filled in a Final Entry Date after the current date it is possible to register online. If you want to check if there are online entries available for your tournament then select Internet > Entries...

    If you click Next, Tournament Planner will check if there are online entries available on the web server.
  2. You can check the progress in the log window. This way you can download up to 500 entries in one minute. If the download is finished, all the online entries will be displayed in a list.​

  3. All the entries are displayed in a list.
    The entries are separated under three tabs: New, Existing, Deleted and Withdrawn.

    If a player is already in your tournament but the online events differ from the events in your tournament then the player will be indicated in red. You can decide yourself if you want to add this player. Click Finish to continue importing the players.

  4. You have the option to print entry forms. You can print:

    ·         All online entries
              Print all the downloaded entries.

    ·         Selection only
              Print only the new entries.

    Place a check in 1 page per player to print only 1 player on each page.
    Click Print to start the printing.